Dead Man Publishing is a project of the gut…desire and hope and blindness.  The vision is Thelemic, taking language and writing as architecture.  Words, space and punctuation are the bits with which we build that architecture.  Innovation is the natural tool to accomplish that vision.  Innovation asks the author to see her work as a piece making a whole, a part taking its meaning from outside of itself and its maker.

Experimentation, relevance and genius are the only criteria by which works are judged.

Frater Yeheshuah is the founder of Dead Man Publishing.  He has served in Iraq, jumped out of helicopters and flown Humvees off of dunes as well as earning a few degrees.  Y. studied Theology and Philosophy, and there was poetry along the way.  After that, he completed graduate studies in Advanced International Affairs.  Y. now lives in Michigan’s UP and makes dinner, while his wife and her students uncover the mysteries of the natural world.  Oh, and he runs Dead Man Publishing too.



Stealing, appropriation, collaboration, tapping into the past, plagiarizing from writers now but fearlessly and openly… that is part of it.  Maybe more on that notion later.  If you have cool visual work that translates to the web, let us know.  We would love to host your work here or on Facebook.