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Cavaleri, Micah A. the romances and other poems.  2012.  50pgs.

A book that recaptures the heart of romance. A syntactic meditation on love.

Cavaleri, Micah A. the syllable that opened an eye.  2010.  58pgs.

the syllable that opened an eye quickly passes through the history of Western Philosophy, disposing of its empty claims to insight or intelligent reflection on the world. By turning us back to look at language and its very earthy roots as a tool for communication between hungry animals, syllable makes clear that our words may often be nothing more than the grunts of puzzled gorillas. Certainly, our language is not the precision instrument unerringly obeying the laws of logic that philosophers need in order for their problems and conceptual analyses to get off the ground. And so, we are left back at home in the world with a familiar language and a lack of philosophical confusion/insight.

The poetry of the second half takes us into the bird-twitter language that the book insists unravels the most difficult philosophical knots. As readers pass through Mexico, Nicaragua, Greece, somewhere in Africa, China, we feel through the words and spacing and punctuation on the page what is immediately, clearly communicated, rather than working to decode and understand the book’s meaning. The poems demonstrate the anti-philosophy of the opening essay in a way revealing what can be called a mystical atheism, void of metaphysics, soaked in language and the very real world.

IAO131.  Magical Energy in the Gnostic Mass.  2017. 38pgs.

Magical Energy in the Gnostic Mass is the intersection of a crossroads in Thelema.   Very little work on Thelema has been done within the realm of philosophy and religious studies.  IAO131 has labored for years at the boundary between scholarship and devotion.  Magical Energy showcases the mind of a deep intellectual who operates as a professional psychologist and an adherent of the way of Thelema.  Although the work is quite short, we see comparative religion sitting side by side with practical reflections on the techniques of the Thelemic magician.  We are left to take up these various threads and develop them for ourselves.  This essay by IAO131 therefore stands as an invitation to fearless and aimless winging in the infinite abyss.  Our series of chapbooks, which Magical Energy inaugurates, is the expressed hope and desire for a sustained, community-wide critical reflection on a religion and philosophy we so love.

Praeger, Frank.  Sighs and Strange Gusts and Other Occasional Poems.  2017. 84pgs.

The poems [in this collection] emerge from Praeger’s imagination and heart, from a place of deep compassion, and they travel far in place and time, displaying an astonishing range of emotion while still grounding themselves in the subtle distinctions of place.